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Symtext has built a more effective and efficient platform for schools, educators, and publishers to manage and deliver digital instructional materials to students. Institutions using the Liquid Textbook platform can help Educators create their own Liquid Textbook for each course by blending “chunks” of digital content from a variety of publishers and other sources – including chapters from textbooks, cases, articles, videos, photos, podcasts, and presentations. These resources can be combined with your own materials, and even include student generated content. Symtext’s platform

Benefits for educators:
// Choice
You select only the instructional materials you want, and nothing else.
// Economy
Pay only for what your learners need.
// Accessibility
Online, or via our global print-on-demand partnerships.
// Recency
Blend timeless classics with the latest research.
// Shareable
If you choose, get recognized for your great work by sharing your instructional materials with other educators.
// Student-friendly
Provide your learners with easy access to instructional materials in the format of their choice.
// Feedback loop
Learn what works, hear from students, form a community organized around your instructional materials.
// Sustainability
Eliminate waste and reduce your carbon footprint with our environmentally sound approach.

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